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Trek Women’s Advocate Events


Check out the shop ride calendar for Cedar Bluff Cycles for more ride opportunities! Sign up to receive monthly updates!

Click the link for more information. Please RSVP and sign the waiver (waiver link is in Facebook event). Share with your friends!

September 10Women’s Ride: South Loop
September 142nd Thursday Greenway Ride
September 20 РMonthly Flow Ride
September 28 4th Thursday Mountain Bike Ride

CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS/UPDATES to all rides will be announced in the event on Facebook and emailed to everyone who has signed the waiver for the ride. The weather can be temperamental¬†and we don’t ride wet trails or ride greenways in the rain.

Please contact Lisa Mueller at lisa@almphoto.com or 865-406-3870 if there is a ride you’d like to see offered and we’ll do our best to make it happen!